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Established in 1985, LIGHTEN WORLD INDUSTRY has been dedicated into design, manufacture, and export energy related products including AGM battery, gel battery, deep cycle battery, tubular battery, solar battery for energy storage solution with PV inverter, converter, power supply and battery charger. Our commitment in quality and after service wins satisfaction and trust from valuable customers worldwide.

With strong R&D team, we have involved in renewable energy sector since 2009 by manufacturing customized and self-sustainable solar home system, and also designing intelligent solar power system for off-grid /on-grid / hybrid applications. Our solar solutions are now powering up household, office, and facility in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Oceania.

All of our solar solutions are carrying our AGM deep cycle or long life GEL deep cycle solar battery, which provide high performance in harsh environment. Our quality batteries fully satisfy various energy storage solutions from standby to cyclic applications including UPS, telecom, motive power, mobility scooter, solar home system and solar power system.

We provide your own energy solution for anytime, anywhere.

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